21 August 2012


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8 August 2012

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TCIO gathers broadband feedback in Silicon Roundabout

The Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO) is asking companies around Silicon Roundabout to share their experiences of broadband in the area.

The group was boosted recently when Vodafone and Amazon announced plans to invest in the East London location and build new bases, but it wants to check out the validity of the facilities on offer as it moves forward.

Once it has received feedback, it will collate the information and give it to the internet service providers (ISPs) supplying the area in the hope they may boost connectivity.

>Organisations that wish to take part can submit their thoughts by the end of August by emailing pressoffice@techcityuk.com with the subject title “Broadband”, or by using the form on its website.<

  • TCIO gathers broadband feedback in Silicon Roundabout  Buffer
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6 August 2012

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London 2012: is this the first open data Olympics?

Is this the first open data Olympics?

It should be – we have access to better data analysis and visualisation tools than ever before, many of them free. There is also a culture of open data around the world that just wasn’t there in 2008. Governments have thrown open the doors to their data vaults and numbers are everywhere.

And what is open data? It is data published as a spreadsheet or a csv or some other machine-readable format which allows analysts to do something with it. It’s what our Free our Data campaign called for.

Open data has won the big argument, arguably ever since the McKinsey report in May last year which pointed out that open data means money for those who can build apps and services off the back of it. And with it has come the rise in data journalism – the art/craft/slog of getting stories out of numbers.

>We are loving all the Team GB Golds – and these Olympics are a gift for Data journalism with daily updates that make stories that cry out for analysis. The Guardian, as you would expect, are on the case so check out the stuff they are doing.<

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