9 April 2012

thesiliconroundabout.net reports on the London tech and startup scene, which is largely centred around the Old Street roundabout, from where London’s startup boom gets its name. As a part of London’s ‘technology ecosystem’ we aim to bring you insightful news, commentary and editorial on the latest trends.

Doogle is our Silicon Roundabout newshound and he’ll be sniffing out stories for us. If you have a story, a news item or would like to be featured on our editorial platforms, please email dooglenews directly.

thesiliconroundabout.net editorial team

Tony Myers | editor and founder

Tony has been geeking around since he got his first Apple Mac 20 years ago and hand-coded his first website out of pure html when his daughter was born 14 years ago. He has launched numerous websites, newspapers and magazines and for several years was an editor at the Guardian where he wrote on technology, media, arts, travel and culture. More recently he was part of the launch team on the Guardian’s award-winning iPad and is the founder of smartmoviemaking.com, a website dedicated to film-making on iPhone, iPads and smartphones.

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