11 July 2012

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Crowd-sourced funding site Kickstarter to launch in UK

The crowd-sourced funding website Kickstarter is to launch in the UK this autumn, according to its Twitter feed.

The funding platform for new businesses has so far been limited to US-registered projects.

The tweet reads: “People in the UK will be able to launch projects on Kickstarter starting this autumn. More info soon!”

Since Kickstarter’s 2009 launch it has funded more than 20,000 projects, with several eclipsing the $1m pledge mark.

Kickstarter uses Amazon Payments, which requires users to have a US bank account.

But a growing number of UK-based companies are already using the site, either by setting up a US company or partnering with an existing one.

>This is great news, we may even use the service ourselves. Crowdsourcing is definitely the way forward and will hopefully give London startups easier access to investment.<

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