3 August 2012

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London launch for iPhone Popup Film Festival announced

The iPhone Popup Film festival’s official launch will take place at the Nordic Bar in London’s Fitzrovia in the heart of the capital’s media-land on 11 September.

We are going all Scandi-cool and have secured a great space in what we hope will become our London home for regular film nights dedicated to all smart movie makers, not only in the British capital but all over the world.

The night will be an opportunity for anyone who has made a film on their iOS device to come along and show their work on a ‘big screen’. This is the iPhone ‘festival in your pocket’. We are strictly lo-fi, although our awesome little Pop Video projector will screen your films in qHD (960 x 540 pixel resolution) quality on a ‘big screen’ 50 inches wide. For audio we will plug into the Nordic Bar’s house PA system.

Here’s how the iPhone Popup Film Festival works. Bring your film on your iPhone or iPod Touch, plug it into our Pop Video pico projector and it’s showtime. It’s as simple as that. We can only show films shorter than five minutes, and at present only from iOS devices, but we are working on opening up the festival to other smartphone devices.

>Are you an iPhone filmmaker? Or do you simply fool around and experiment with its camera? Here’s a chance to show off your work, yes.<

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24 July 2012


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18 July 2012

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Network infrastructure is key to realising Tech City’s ambitions

Just over 200 years ago East London became the backbone of the British economy, opening its streets to a wave of new industries that laid the foundations for the UK to become the global economic player it is today. Fast forward to 2012 and it is now the tech industry using the area as a platform for innovation and development at a time when other sectors are suffering. With 3,200 new IT startups in just four years, London’s Tech City has grown exponentially and now employs approximately 48,000 people (Centre for London, July 2012).

A cluster of tech, digital and creative companies have set up in the area, cementing Tech City as ‘the must be place’ for innovative tech businesses in the UK. The area has been a hotbed of innovation for some time now, but its public profile has become stronger recently, with the government keen to position Tech City as London’s answer to Silicon Valley and Europe’s technology capital. But while the wave of new arrivals and prosperity is undoubtedly riding high, a robust infrastructure is needed to guarantee the success of the area.

>John-Paul Hemingway is chief technologist for EMEA at Ciena, and has written with some authority on the challenges ahead for Silicon Roundabout, which we back.<

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